NEWSFLASH: DURABAK M-26 Now on U.S. Navy Qualified Products List (QPL)
High durability slip-resistant coatings approved for below deck and outdoor weather decks (MIL PRF 32171A)

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DURABAK™ Safety Coatings are designed for bus and railcar floors, truck beds, ship decks, steps, platforms, handicap ramps, and wherever a non-slip surface is required.
Click Here to play video in large window SAFTI-TRAX™ is detectable warning system for the blind and visually impaired, spec'd for use on rail platforms and handicap ramps.

CEASEFIRE™ Flame Preventative two-part epoxy coatings form a continuous char foam that protects products from both heat and flame.

CEASEFIRE™ Waterborne Epoxy (NEW PRODUCT!!!) is a two-part intumescent coating. It is engineered to be a protective coating that combines toughness and wear resistance with low flame spread, low heat transfer, and low smoke.

DrenchCote™ Waterproofing Coating is a one part, attractive, totally flexible, durable, water-based acrylic waterproofing for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

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DURABAK™ Safety Coatings

Product Description:

DURABAKTM is a tough, single-pack polyurethane with self-contained recycled rubber granules for an attractive tough-textured finish. When exposed to atmospheric moisture, DURABAKTM undergoes a chemical curing process which changes it from a liquid to a tough polyurethane membrane. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance as well as non-slip properties.

DURABAKTM will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal, rubber and sound-painted materials. Some metal and extremely porous surfaces may need to be primed. DURABAKTM is applied by roller, brush or spray.

DURABAK™ Spec Sheet

DURABAK™ Application Tips

Photos of DURABAK™ In Use



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Detectable Warning System

Product Description:

SAFTI-TRAX™ is a unique new system designed specifically for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for a tactile warning system for the blind and visually impaired. SAFTI-TRAX™ is assembled by individuals with disabilities.

SAFTI-TRAX™ is a permanent system that is applied directly to clean dry surfaces without the need of specialized labor or machinery. It is therefore not labor intensive and not costly to apply.

SAFTI-TRAX™ is available in two parallel systems:

(1) Our original SAFTI-TRAX™ system incorporates resilient rubber domes, made exclusively for COTE-L Industries, with an overcoating of our new and unique DURABAK™, a one-part, non-slip, totally flexible polyurethane safety coating.

(2) Our new SAFTI-TRAX MAT™ is a single piece, 2' by 2' domed mat, molded in resilient rubber. The mats come pre-coated with three coats of DURABAK™, our unique one-part, slip-resistant, totally flexible polyurethane safety coating. The bottom of the mat contains a unique, patent-pending adhesive locking system..

Both SAFTI-TRAX™ and SAFTI-TRAX MATS™ enjoy all the unique characteristics of its major component, DURABAK™. It is extremely durable, water-resistant, repairable, and anticorrosive. It bonds to concrete, wood, primed or sound-painted metal surfaces, fiber glass, and most other surfaces. And DURABAK™ comes in a wide range of colors.

SAFTI-TRAX™ will conform to any surface irregularity, facilitating a virtually faultless application. SAFTI-TRAX MATS™ work best on flat surfaces, but will also work on slight surface irregularities, and can easily conform to any shape, simply by cutting it with a scissors.

SAFTI-TRAX™ and SAFTI-TRAX MATS™ are not only flexible, but resilient, as specifically required by the ADA.

SAFTI-TRAX™ and SAFTI-TRAX MATS™ are easy to clean and the SAFTI-TRAX™ system is easy to repair.

The total cost per square foot of SAFTI-TRAX™ and SAFTI-TRAX MATS™, for materials and labor, is significantly less than other products because of its ease of application. No significant preparation of the surface area is necessary other than proper cleaning.

For a sample of the SAFTI-TRAX™ system, just give us a call.

Photos & Application Instructions

Mat System Application Instructions

Installation Film Clip


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12 seconds exposure
Time-Lapse: 12 seconds
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10 minutes exposure
Time-Lapse: 10 minutes!
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CeaseFire™ Fire Retardant

Product Description:

Unique two-part, solvent-less 100% epoxy coatings containing COTE-L’s state-of-the-art Flame Preventative Intumescent CEASEFIRE™ additive.


  1. CEASEFIRE™ HIGH PERFORMANCE TWO-PART WHITE EPOXY COATING has passed flame spread and toxicity tests (at very low levels) and is DNV and ABS certified for use on ships and mobile off-shore units in all areas, including ceilings, bulkheads and floors. It is used in such areas as stairwells, walls, ceilings, doors, kitchen areas and areas which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. It performs exceptionally well on steel, masonry, wood and plastics in industrial settings, as well as domestic applications.

  2. CEASEFIRE™ SUPERIOR TWO-PART WHITE EPOXY COATING has most of the same properties as the CEASEFIRE™ High Performance Two-Part White Epoxy Coating, but has a higher viscosity, dries to a matte finish and is only necessary when required to meet stricter thermal conductivity codes. It cures to a firm hardness and is used in such applications as structural steel beams, industrial pipes, train interiors, etc.

  3. CEASEFIRE™ HIGH PERFORMANCE TWO-PART CLEAR EPOXY COATING is used to protect wood or any other surfaces where a clear high-gloss fire retardant finish is needed. It has been specified to protect ancient oriental wooden shrines, as well as wood trim on naval vessels.



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DrenchCote™ Waterproofing Coating

Product Description:

DrenchCoteTM is for roofs, parapets, flashings, shingles & walls. One part, attractive, totally flexible, durable, water-based acrylic waterproofing for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

DrenchCoteTM bonds to concrete, wood, metal and almost all other surfaces.

DrenchCoteTM with DurameshTM will withstand the elements and protect the surface even if the substrate should become cracked. DurameshTM is a stitch bond polyester membrane sold separately in 4 inch, 10 inch and 33 inch widths.

DrenchCote™ Flyer (page 1) PDF

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